kings of forest

The Forest King “Lion” was shot by poachers, forest dwellers jungle so nervous. They do not have a king anymore. Not how the whole jungle dwellers gathered to choose a new king. First nominated are ideals, but ideals refused. “No, look man, I’ve ran helter-skelter,” he said. “If so Rhino course, you’re very strong,” said another animal. “No-no, my vision is not good, I had hit a tree many times.” “Oh? may Elephants are a king, you’re a great body ..”, said other animals. “I can not fight and my movements very slow,” said the elephant.
The animals become confused, they have not found the king’s successor. When about to disband, ape suddenly shouted, “Man who becomes king, he who has killed his lion. ” “Impossible,”replied the squirrel. “Let you all see me?, I look like with humans is not it?, then I was fit to be king,” said the ape. After going through the negotiations, agreed to forest-dwelling apes become the new king. Once appointed to be king, monkey’s behavior did not like the King. It acts simply laze around while eating tasty food, delicious.
The inhabitants of the animal to be upset, especially wolves. Wolf thought, “how the monkeys can equate himself with yes men?, his body just the same, but not his brain. ” Wolf got the idea. One day, he faced ape. “My lord, I found the food very lezar, I am sure my master would like. I will take the master to the place,” said the wolf. Without thinking, monkeys, the new king went with wolves. In the middle of the forest, the wolf had killed the monkey ‘
“Hahahaha! I had never imagined, a king could apply stupid, stuck in my trap, like a monkey king which can protect its people,” said the wolf.


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