coordinate conjunctions examples

a. Accordingly Hence = therefore =

For example: Gadjah Mada University is a famous university in Indonesia; accordingly his name students Want to study there.

b. after all = however

For example: there are many good schools, after all our school is the best

c. All The Same = However = Nevertheless = but semikian

For example: the government has given a new market places Them; all the Same Some of Them Their Things keep selling at the dirty place

d. Consequently = as a result = result

For example: His father Died five years ago, consequently, all the responsibilities to raise the children fell on his mother

e. For = since = Because = as = because

For example: Everyone is looking for him, for he is the only platform who knows the key is Nowhere.

f. Hence = for that reason, therefore, from this moment

For example: We Were born Pls his Parents worked in Irian, Hence he is nemed Irianto

g. In order That = That = so so

For example: We must study hard; in order That We Can pass the exam

h. In case = case

For example: you’d better take an umbrella, in case it Rains

i. In the meantime = meanwhile = meanwhile

For example: go to the shop and buy me a magazine, in the meantime, I will of take a bath.

j. moreover = Further = more besides

For example: she is beautiful she is very kind moreever

k. Namely: that is

For example: only one student is ther WHO WHO student fails the exam, namely flax.


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